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LinuxCrue Statement of Purpose

  1. "LinuxCrue" is the official name of a social group of Linux afficionados in the San Antonio, Texas metropolitan area.
  2. A member of LinuxCrue is knowledgable regarding Linux and the Open Source Community and has a desire to share this info with fellow members in one-on-one participation.
  3. A person who wishes to associate with LinuxCrue will usually have some prior experience building or upgrading their own computer.
  4. A candidate for membership is expected to have installed (or reinstalled) Operating Systems on numerous occasions. S/he shows this proficiency by being able to install Linux on their own computers.
  5. Members of the general public may participate in LinuxCrue events upon sponsorship by an existing member.
  6. A 'pledge' is a person that wants to learn more about Linux and is willing to spend the time it takes to learn.
  7. A 'pledge' is sponsored by an existing member, but will personally answer a series of suitability questions before being known as a Candidate for Membership in LinuxCrue.
  8. LinuxCrue's goal is to organize social, recreational and computer related developmental activities for its members and like-minded individuals.
  9. The goal of this club is not solely to educate, proselytize or spread Linux or Open Source propaganda. Contact SATLUG if you are looking to recieve such services or volunteer for such activities.
  10. Persons unfamiliar with Linux and open source are not solicited as members. In fact, while meetings and events of LinuxCrue are open to the public, actual membership in LinuxCrue is by invitation only.
  11. Membership is not determined by subscription to some mailing list. If you want to spend time with other Linux and Open Source Afficionados and participate in computer-related activities and discussions (usually over a meal), LinuxCrue is the club for you.
  12. No membership dues are collected but participants at each event (whether members or not) are expected to be responsible for any expenses they specifically authorize or that are required of all participants in an event. While a person's financial situation may dictate the level of monetary contribution possible, in general, participants should strive to cover their fair share toward actual expenses incurred on their behalf.
  13. A candidate for membership in LinuxCrue will have participated in several LinuxCrue sponsored events (not all of the same variety -- like LAN Party or Computer Show) spanning a total of no less than 60 hours of association with members of the group prior to being sponsored to 'membership' level.
  14. Membership in LinuxCrue is achieved by a unanimous vote of existing members.
  15. Prior to voting on a candidate's membership (and in hearing distance of all existing LinuxCrue members), the candidate will be asked a series of questions. All members will be asked the same questions. No question will be added to the list without unanimous agreement and all members answering it themselves in general assembly.
  16. When the questioning is complete (and if the candidate still wants to be a member of LinuxCrue), the assembly votes to admit or deny. If a small minority (< 25% of existing members) vote to deny, each of those persons must in open session explain why they believe the candidacy should not be accepted. Then those that originally voted to admit now get to vote again: either to accept the reasons for the candidate's denial or expel all the members that voted against acceptance.
  17. Any member may charge another member or members with inappropriate behavior. Determination by unanimous vote of uninvolved parties that a member has sullied the good name of LinuxCrue is grounds for revoking membership and restricting participation in LinuxCrue events for not more than 12 months.
  18. Members that are expelled or have their membership revoked are not permitted to attend sponsored events for a minimum of 90 days.
  19. A non-member may be asked to leave any LinuxCrue event by any LinuxCrue member for inappropriate behavior without having unanimous consensus. Appeals involving any non-member will be governed by 'simple majority' rules. The reasoning is that LinuxCrue members have the right to associate with one another without being harassed by non-members.

  1. Membership in LinuxCrue will be earned via participation.
  2. LinuxCrue is a social club consisting of admins and computer professionals who wish to spend more time together.
  3. Associates are welcome at 'Crue events but only become official card-carrying 'members' via unanimous vote of existing members.
  4. The group is self-sponsored and is not affiliated with any LUG.

Pledge Suitability Questions:
How many computers do you own or use? Wrong Answer: One.
How many hours per week do you play on your computers? Right Answer: 7+
How many times have you installed an Operating System? Right Answer: I don't know
Are you going to ask me dumb questions? Right Answer: Yes.
Are you going to ask me to install Linux on your computer? Right Answer: No.

Some other LUG is the right place for those that don't give the desired answers.

LinuxCrue Membership:
Why do you want to be part of LinuxCrue? Right Answer: To have fun.
How much do you know about Linux? Right Answer: Not enough
What's your favorite Linux distribution? Wrong Answer: huh?
What's so great about Linux? Wrong Answer: I don't know
How long do you plan to 'hang out' with us each month? Wrong Answer: Less than 3 hours.
Are you going to ask me to install Linux on your computer? Right Answer: No!
Will you challenge me to do more with Linux than I presently do? Right Answer: Yes.