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Linux is free, but is it for me?

Othniel Graichen, a founding member of LinuxCrue, a local Linux user's group, is presenting 'a get acquainted with Linux' workshop each Friday of September from 7-9pm at the Alamo PC lab at Crossroads mall (San Antonio, TX).

Everyone is invited regardless of previous computer experience. No familiarity with Microsoft products is expected or required. If you've never used a computer before, this series of classes will explain the terminology and reveal how to use and find legally Free Software. Maybe you've heard about the legendary Linux GUIs and want to get some first hand experience with its ease of use. Or maybe you already have Linux installed but don't know what to do next. Come on out. In our first week, we will examine KNOPPIX, a bootable Linux CD that runs totally in RAM (that means nothing gets installed on the hard drive). You will go home with a KNOPPIX CD that you burn yourself using Linux CD burning tools. You will also learn how to configure the BIOS to boot from CD so you can play with it during the week. In Week 2, we'll learn how to operate a computer system configured to run Linux and Microsoft Operating Systems. In this lab you will practice how to reboot, shutdown, login, use the mouse to launch programs, run office software, get on the Internet, play DVDs, games and music -- all from within Linux. In Week 3, you'll learn about re-partitioning your hard drive and using the RedHat installation program. In week 4, we'll deal with configuration issues, installing additional software, DVD playback, making a Web site, and other networking protocols. Join us. We plan to have fun. Call Othniel @ 269-6055 for more info and to confirm your seat.