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San Antonio, TX 78228
(210) 295-1808

OBJECTIVE:  End-to-End Simulation Systems Engineer with demonstrated strengths in Networking and Software Systems Development and Technology Deployments will implement, manage and integrate military tatical C2 software systems to meet mission functional, security and quality objectives related to DBST & ABCS. This candidate has hands-on experience installing and configuring JCATS, having managed and participated in BBS and Musio exercises at the AMEDD simulation center where he has acquired passing familiarity with HLA application protocols. The candidate also has a computer science and systems design degree which will enable detailed understanding of DIS, SIMNET, ALSP, HLA and other similar application level protocols. He has worked as a software developer and enjoys the challenge of working with complex systems and using his technical knowledge and diagnostic abilities to accomplish business objectives. He has extensive practical experience with standalone and distributed systems using numerous networking technologies, but primarily TCP/IP on Ethernet using CISCO routers. He is well versed in shell scripting, computer operation support procedures and system administration of Microsoft Windows, Solaris, Linux and other Unix style operating system workstations. The candidate's networking expertise entends to having developed a Virtual Private Network using encryption beyond the level of DES (Defense Encryption Standard). He understands how to organize and configure the staff, networking and computing infrastructure needed at the AMEDD Simulation Center so as to implement the simulation components of JDLM, ABCS, ATCCS and similar architectures dictated by DA goals. This candidate welcomes working with trainers and technical counterparts at other locations which understand such systems as MAIS, MILES, SAWE, CTESS, DITS, FBCB2, EADSIM, FireSim XXI and SIMPLE in creating a coherent and interoperable medical training system accessible on site as well as via NIPRnet. The candidate's command of SQL, relational database design and query language combine with his communications/networking and programming abilities to uniquely qualify this candidate to focus on implemeting solutions and establishing best practices.

BACKGROUND SUMMARY:  17 years of increasing and varied experience in software engineering, communications and Internet technology including:

Linux & Unix: Microsoft Operating Apache & Secure Web CGI web applications in:
Sun Solaris 2.4-2.8 Systems and Tools: Server: HTTP/SSL 3.0 C, C++, Java, Tcl/TK
SCO Unix 3.2 v4.2 - 5.0 Win 2000 Server&Pro SQUID Proxy Server Perl, PHP, & Javascript
HP-UX 11.0 Windows NT & OS/2 CISCO 25xx/4000 with PKI and SSL
RedHat Linux 4.0-8.0 Windows 1.03 - 98 IOS firmware upgrade web authentication
Debian (Woody, Sarge) MS-DOS 1.1-6.2 Excel data collection browser cookies
Mandrake Linux 6.0-8.1 Visual Basic, MS C Presentation Graphics process improvement
bourne shell, bash & ksh x86 Macro Assembler Database Configuration: OS Installation
IP security tools: CVS, RCS, & SCCS Solid SQL engine Software upgrades
ping, traceroute, nmap, MS Access Raima db & Velocis System Documentation
Tripwire & tcpwrapper Cygwin & MKS Toolkit MySql / ODBC User documentation
Snort & tcpdump Xwindows / xhost Netscape Navigator Requirements Analysis
telnet, secure shell, & ftp XFree86 & Cygwin/X Netscape Messenger Software Design
Sendmail & pine KDE & CDE Netscape Composer Technical proposals
vi text editor Motif & Gnome HTML / XML / CSS software engineering
interviewing team building mentoring SEI CMM

Systems Manager, Titan Systems, Inc., full-time employee:  Feb 2003-present
Responsibilities include operational support of the Brigade/Battalion Battle Simulation System (BBS), CSS-TSS and MUSIO systems at the application software level, and 6 VAX/VMS systems and a CISCO 4000 at the systems level.

Senior Systems Engineer, CACI, Inc, San Antonio, Texas, full-time/part-time contractor:  1998-2002
Responsible for crafting customer requirements into an electronic commerce paperless contracts system, preparing and presenting analysis and design documentation, recommending a specific implementation, then implementing the selected
RedHat Linux based solution to meet customer business needs using Solid SQL database server. The system is deployed as a web-based application using the Apache web server.  Wrote initial system documentation and have supervised the preparation of an on-line documentation system for the application. Developed a network based tape backup system which a 3 person team has now been using for over a year. Also maintain a legacy system implemented in HTML/Perl, which feeds both the Commerce Business Daily (CBD), and the Electronic Posting System (EPS). Employed both PHP and Perl in ensuring that the system was Y2K compliant. Diagnosed Milnet connectivity problems with the ATM network infrastructure and the BGP routing protocols used by our web server. Developed automated system to monitor Milnet routing problems. Collected, collated and presented this data to mgt. driving changes to long-standing Milnet routing misconfigurations and convincing Govt. Printing Office to switch Internet Service Providers for EPS due to Quality of Service measurements. Responsible for deploying, configuring and upgrading Squid Caching Web Servers. Hired, trained and supervised an IT graduate as the team's Linux system administrator. Assisted in help desk technical support and Internet security risk analysis/implementation at Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

Senior Software Engineer, Sony Semiconductor of America, San Antonio, Texas, full-time employee:  2000-2001
Responsibilities included software development and enhancements for X-windows based semiconductor fabrication control and monitoring system using CELLworks and SECS Automation on HP-UX using a 4GL IDE. Assisted in Internet security risk analysis/implementation and then replacing NT/IIS system with Linux/Apache web server for customers that use Sony Semiconductor foundry services.

Software Engineer, Cyberlog International, San Antonio, Texas, full-time employee:  1993-1998
Handling multiple roles for this small but fast growing company, evaluated technologies & deployed solutions to transform a lab thin-net with a server and 3 MS-DOS computers into a 64-node 10BaseT office network utilizing SCO Unix, Linux and Windows NT servers, a bridge, and 3 different internet proxy servers. Ultimate solution utilized Windows 95 or NT workstations in each employee office. Also as a C software engineer, developed a distributed database application using TCP/IP for SCO Unix with MS-DOS clients. Administered a private UUCP network eventually migrating that functionality to a WAN using PPP with a custom outage alert delivery system integrated into our turn-key system. Converted an SCO Unix based WAN to one using Digi Intl Port Server II routers. Developed a 2nd generation SQL version of the distributed database system with a Visual Basic database maintenance interface using ODBC. Wrote Raima RDS database server extension modules.

BS in Mathematics, Computer Science and Systems Design (emphasis in Systems Design) from the University of Texas at San Antonio graduating Magna Cum Laude in Dec '85.  Coursework (18 hours) toward Master's of Science in Computer Science at University of Houston (86-90) in Software Engineering learning Eiffel and C++, reading numerous technical books, periodicals, trade journals and web research to stay current on my interests in software development technology, Quality Assurance and Software Engineering.  HTML 1 & 2 at OLLU (1998), LinuxWorld seminars (San Jose 1999) and Linux Boot Camp at GTC 2000.  Volunteered with Alamo PC Organization (between 1983-85), San Antonio Internet access & education pioneer SALSA.NET (1994-97) and with San Antonio Texas Linux Users Group (SATLUG) (1998-2002) teaching others about Linux, performing Linux installs, serving as a club officer, coach and mentor of the open source community spirit. Now affiliated with Possess a secret level clearance (Active 12/01).

Systems Analyst, Programmed Intelligence, San Antonio, Texas, full-time employee:  1991-1992
Responsible for porting InQuisitive database user interface software to HP/UX platform. Wrote database access subroutines to bypass vendor supplied libraries and allow linking between different vendors databases. Performed network administration on Cabletron Ethernet concentrator and RS232 terminal server.

Software Engineer, Trinity Computing Systems, Houston, Texas, full-time employee:  1990-1991
Enhanced hospital patient monitoring system written in Microsoft C using 3rd party libraries.

Programmer/Analyst, Shell Oil Company Information Center, Houston, Texas, full-time employee:  1985-1990
Microsoft C and Intel Architecture assembly language programmer and Intel PC-based workstations researcher/scientist. Performed VAX and IBM mainframe support, and network communications infrastructure consultation. Programmed async communications device drivers in Intel PC assembly language for IBM VM/CMS mainframe satellite interface and supported terminal emulation and file transfer system in C for MS-DOS using Yale Series/1 interface. Developed and maintained a statistics gathering and reporting system for VAX and IBM mainframe file transfers using SAS. Customized DCA IRMA terminal emulation and file transfer software in Microsoft C v4-v6. Responsible for evaluating new hardware and software technologies and writing recommendation reports setting company standards for PCs. Experience with MS-DOS, IBM VM/CMS, DEC VAX/VMS, IBM RISC, Sun and Intergraph workstations, MS Windows, QEMM, 3COM 3Plus/3Share, IBM Token Ring, IBM PC LAN Program, PC/3270, NetBIOS/NETBEUI, SNA and IBM 3274, 3174 and 3725 communication controllers.