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107 Nobhill
San Antonio, TX 78228
(210) 433-5063 (hm)
925-9311 x3237 (wk)

OBJECTIVE:  Web/E-commerce Application Developer, Database Architect & Network Security Engineer
where demonstrated strengths in Planning, Perceiving and Persuading will deploy open-source technology to meet the electronic commerce,security and economic objectives of the company.

BACKGROUND SUMMARY:  Almost 19 years of increasing and varied experience in software engineering, communications and Internet technology including:

RedHat Linux 4.0-6.2 Apache & SSL 3.0 PKI, HTTP & HTTPS CGI web applications in:
Mandrake Linux 6.0-7.1 Secure Web Server HTML / XML / CSS C & C++
Sun Solaris 2.4-2.8 Squid & Calamaris web authentication PHP
SCO Unix 3.2 v4.2 - 5.0 Unix/Linux security tools browser cookies Java
bourne shell telnet & ftp Solid SQL Perl
bash & ksh xhost & secure shell MySQL Javascript
Xwindows / XFree86 KDE & Gnome fvwm2 & AnotherLevel CDE & Motif
Network administration Sniffer / CISCO ping/traceroute tcpdump
Netscape Navigator Netscape Messenger Netscape Composer Sendmail/pine
OS Installation Software upgrades System Documentation User documentation
Analysis & Design Technical proposals Spreadsheets Presentation Graphics
team building interviewing mentoring vi text editor

BS in Mathematics, Computer Science and Systems Design (emphasis in SD) from University of Texas at San Antonio graduating Magna Cum Laude in Dec '85.  Coursework on MS in Computer Science at University of Houston (86-90) in Software Engineering, numerous technical books, periodicals, trade journals and web research to stay current on technology.  HTML 1 & 2 at OLLU (1998), LinuxWorld seminars (San Jose 1999) and Linux Boot Camp at GTC 2000. Volunteered with APCO (1983-85), Internet access & education pioneer SALSA.NET (1994-97) and since 1998 with San Antonio Texas Linux Users Group (SATLUG) teaching others about Linux, performing Linux installs, serving this year as a club officer and coach of the open source community spirit.

Senior Systems Engineer, CACI, Inc, San Antonio, Texas, 1998-present
Responsibilities include codifying customer requirements for electronic commerce paperless contracting system, preparing analysis and design document, recommending a specific implementation proposal, then implementing this RedHat Linux based solution to meet customer requirements using Solid SQL database server. The system is deployed as a web-based application using the Apache web server.  Wrote initial system documentation and have supervised the preparation of an on-line documentation system for the application. Developed a network based tape backup system which our 3 person team has now been using for over a year. Maintain a legacy system implemented in HTML/Perl, which feeds both the Commerce Business Daily (CBD), and the Electronic Posting System (EPS). Employed both PHP and Perl in ensuring that the system was Y2K compliant. Diagnosed problems with the ATM network infrastructure and the BGP routing protocols used on the Milnet. Developed automated system to monitor Milnet routing problems. Collected, collated and presented this data to mgt. driving changes to long-standing Milnet routing misconfigurations and convincing Govt. Printing Office to switch Internet Service Providers for EPS. Responsible for deploying, configuring and upgrading several Squid Caching Web Servers. Hired and trained a recent UTSA graduate as a Linux system administrator. Assist in help desk technical support and Internet security risk analysis/implementation.

Software Engineer, Cyberlog International, San Antonio, Texas, 1993-1998
Handling multiple roles for this small but fast growing company, evaluated technologies & deployed solutions to transform a lab thin-net with a server and 3 MS-DOS computers into a 64-node 10BaseT office network utilizing SCO Unix, Linux and Windows NT servers, a bridge, and 3 different internet proxy servers. Ultimate solution utilized Windows 95 or NT workstations in each employee office. Also as a C software engineer, developed a distributed database application using TCP/IP for SCO Unix with MS-DOS clients. Administered a private UUCP network eventually migrating that functionality to a WAN using PPP with a custom outage alert delivery system integrated into our turn-key system. Converted an SCO Unix based WAN to one using Digi Intl Port Server II routers. Developed a 2nd generation SQL version of the distributed database system with a Visual Basic database maintenance interface using ODBC. Wrote Raima RDS database server extension modules.

Systems Analyst, Programmed Intelligence, San Antonio, Texas, 1991-1992
Responsible for porting InQuisitive database user interface software to HP/UX platform. Network administration on Cabletron Ethernet concentrator and RS232 terminal server.

Software Engineer, Trinity Computing Systems, Houston, Texas, 1990-1991
Enhanced hospital patient monitoring system in Microsoft C.

Programmer/Analyst, Shell Oil Company Information Center, Houston, Texas, 1985-1990
Microsoft C and assembly language programmer, Intel PC-based workstations researcher/scientist, VAX/IBM mainframe support, and network communications specialist. Programmed async communications device drivers in Intel PC assembly language for mainframe satellite interface and terminal emulation and file transfer system in C for MS-DOS. Developed and maintained a statistics gathering and reporting system for VAX and IBM mainframes using SAS. Customized DCA IRMA terminal emulation and file transfer software in MSC. Responsible for evaluating new hardware and software technologies and writing recommendation reports setting company standards for PCs. Experience with MS-DOS, IBM VM/CMS, DEC VAX/VMS, IBM RISC, Sun and Intergraph workstations, MS Windows, QEMM, 3COM 3Plus/3Share, IBM Token Ring, IBM PC LAN Program, PC/3270, NetBIOS/NETBEUI, SNA and IBM 3274, 3174 and 3725 communication controllers.