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True or False? All of the following tools are available as a set, run natively on Microsoft Windows and are available at no charge.
1. vim bash perl tcltk gcc opengl openssh openssl grep cpio tar less diff expect crypt m4 make man ncurses which zlib bzip2 ash autoconf automake binutils bison byacc clear ctags dejagnu file fileutils findutils flex gawk gdb gperf groff gzip inetutils login mingw mt patch pcre regex sh-utils termcap texinfo textutils time
2. perl python squid wget ncftp rsync rxvt cron cvs gdbm gettext ghostscript irc jbigkit jpeg libpng lynx mutt popt postgresql readline ssmtp tcsh tetex tiff unzip xpm-nox zip
3. XFree86 Apache Rexx smbclient
TRUE!!! If you said false, you don't know about