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-activebackground color Background color when active -activeborderwidth width Width of border when active -activeforeground color Foreground color when active -anchor anchor_pos Position info relative to: n ne nw s se sw e w center -background color Background color when normal -bg color same as above -bitmap bitmap Load pattern: error gray12 gray25 gray50 gray75 hourglass info questhead question warning @filename -borderwidth width Width of border when normal -bd width same as above -command tcl_script Executes tcl_script when invoked -cursor cursor Mouse cursor to display when mouse in this widget -disabledforeground color Foreground color when disabled -exportselection state -font fontname Use fontname for text style -foreground color Foreground when normal -fg color Same as above -geometry widthxheight Can sets horizontal (& optionally vertical) widget size -height value Set vertical widget size -highlightcolor color Color to use for widget indicating keyboard focus rectangle -highlightthickness size Width of highlight area rectangle -image image Graphic to display in widget -insertbackground color Background color of insertion cursor -insertofftime milliseconds Blink 'off' time -insertontime milliseconds Blink 'on' time -insertwidth size Width of insertion cursor -jump on_or_off Delay scrollbar updating until mouse button is released -justify justification Multiline justification: left right center -orient orientation horizontal vertical -padx pad Horizontal padding -pady pad Vertical padding -relief relief 3D bevel: flat groove raised ridge solid sunken -repeatdelay milliseconds Time to first repeat -repeatinterval milliseconds Time between repeats -selectbackground color Background when selected -selectborderwidth width Border width when selected -setgrid on_or_off Resizing grid state -state state Set widget to: normal disabled active -text string Display text string -textvariable varname Display text variable -troughcolor color -underline which_char Which character position in string to underline -width width Sets horizontal widget size -wraplength length Word wrapping maximum string length -xscrollcommand prefix Prefix for command to communicate with horiz scrollbars -yscrollcommand prefix Prefix for command to communicate with vert scrollbars