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What is KNOPPIX? Learning Linux using a bootable CD
ISO of Knoppix 3.1 22 Sept 2002 - Its' MD5sum - MD5 ASCII
Download from above. Bandwidth courtesy member Matt Montgomery.
HOWTO Dual-Head Xwindows on Redhat 7.3 and my Xinerama Configuration file
Securing GRUB HOWTO and my configuration file .

Read my article, Casual Scripting for the Non-Programmer
and send any comments/suggestions regarding this easy GUI software creation technology, Tcl/Tk, to the e-mail address above.

What's the difference between Open Source and Free Software?
What does the Linux utility binfmt_misc do?
Microsoft's open source remarks met with skepticism
Java Developers beware: Your Career Skills are Threatened by MSIE browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer)!!!
Effect of DMCA [Digital Millenium Copyright Act] on Advances in Technology

The following examples are taken from Chapter 13 of the book Graphical Applications with Tcl and Tk by Eric Foster-Johnson. To successfully use these links, you will first need to install the Tcl/Tk plugin for your browser.
The links below replace the current window The links below open in a new window Take a short opinion quiz
tclet1 tclet1
tclet2 tclet2
form1 form1
form2 form2

Tcl/Tk Resources
For more info on Tcl, see Jeff Hobbs SideBar

For an article by the author of Tcl, John Ousterhout in IEEE Computer [ ("multiple inheritance" = 'goto') ? lol : rofl ]
Click here for a comparison of scripting languages vs Java and c/c++.
SpecTcl is a GUI builder for Tcl/Tk.
TclTutor 2.04beta is a 43 lesson computer based training which is available for Windows and Linux platforms.
University of Geneva, Switzerland Visual Programming Dept Web pages on Tcl/Tk

Q: "The Tool Command Language and Tk are awesome! How do I get it for my system?" A: Click for feature comparison
Practical Programming in Tcl & Tk
by Brent Welch (Author's website)

Entire 1st edition in Postscript
Selected chapters of 2nd edition
3rd edition Table of Contents

Linux Resources
Format my best Linux bookmarks here.

Java Resources
Introduction to Programming with Java 3rd Edition -- an on-Line Book/Tutorial by Professor David J. Eck of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, New York

Your browser doesn't understand Java. You can get a Java-aware browser from Netscape Communications As you can see, Tripod supports Java class files. Perl scripts are also supported when located in the cgi-bin directory. Viewing source reveals PHP is not supported. The prototypical Java applet from the book Java 2 for Professional Developers -- The Authoritative Solution and O'Reilly's Java Handbook had to be compiled with SDK 1.3.1 as it did not work with the new SDK 1.4.0beta. Maybe if I stopped using Microsoft's JVM?
Click to find your version of the Java Virtual Machine.

HTML resources
Jalfrezi's A-Z of HTML tags (excellent detail)
Jalfrezi's Index
Jalfrezi's Intro to Tables
Jalfrezi's CSS StyleSheet Tutorial Home Page
What HTML options are supported with which tags?
Download these HTML reference and tutorials for your library